Concrete Penetrating Radar: Tully Communications Tower

The Tully Communications Tower has been onsite for quite a long time and is an aging piece of infrastructure. Digsafe NQ were contracted by Cassowary Coast Council to assess the tower foundations and measure the height, from ground level to the top of pile caps.

For this project, Digsafe NQ utilised their specialist concrete penetrating radar equipment, the Conquest PCD Enhanced System. This technology has concrete penetrating radio waves, allowing it to locate steel and services embedded in concrete slab, flooring and other sub-structures. It can provide precise analysis at different depth slices up to 500mm.

The Conquest PCD Enhanced System is able to locate metallic and non-metallic utilities, utilities with broken tracer wires and undocumented utilities. It’s also easily transportable, which means travelling from Cairns to Tully and various other locations across North Queensland is no problem.

Work completed in conjunction with this project include, but are not limited to: survey and capture scans running across the site, to assess tower foundations. Measure the height from ground level to top of pile caps. Supply scan files and drawings to the client.

Digsafe NQ have the professional personnel and equipment for all concrete penetrating radar jobs. Tully Communications Tower project was completed on time and budget, providing clients with the information they needed to make informed decisions.

If you need concrete penetrating radar services, contact Digsafe NQ today to request an estimate on (07) 4054 6511 or

ProjectAssess tower foundations & measure height
ServiceConcrete Penetrating Radar
ClientCassowary Coast Council
LocationTully Communications Tower
Duration1 Day

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