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Digsafe NQ delivers exactly that – safe digging services across Cairns and North Queensland. How do we do it? Our specialist Cairns hydrovac equipment uses a combination of high powered water jets and vacuums to dig into the ground, whilst simultaneously removing the soil. For more information, contact us on (07) 4054 6511 or or submit the easy online job request form on this page.


High pressure water carves into the earth, removing soil and creating a clean, precise, hole or trench, when and where you need it. Our Cairns hydrovac non-destructive excavation services are perfect for safely exposing buried underground utilities and more.


Our hydrovac services are ideal for site excavations in high traffic areas, like highways and footpaths, small footprint sites with quick site restoration and strip trenching in difficult to access locations. We have extensive experience working in these situations.


Want to clean a site up? Digsafe NQ can help! Our high powered vacuum can suck up pretty much anything, from muddy earth to concrete slurry and all other non-toxic liquid waste. We offer safe disposal services, so you can clean up your site and keep moving with your project.


As well as being powerful, fast and effective, Digsafe NQ’s Cairns hydrovac services are also very affordable and much cheaper than your traditional excavation applications. For more information complete the form below or contact Digsafe NQ on 07 4054 6511.


Digsafe NQ has two specialist hydrovac trucks with the following specs and details.

  • Vac Truck 1 = 9m Long, 2.5m Wide, 3.15m High, Weighs 15 Tonne, 4000L
  • Vac Truck 2 = 9m Long, 2.5m Wide, 3.35m High, Weighs 12.5 Tonne, 3000L

Both trucks feature High Pressure Water Pumps with a Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader Valve.

Digsafe NQ have an absolute commitment to safety of people and plant, while providing quality services. Risk assessments are completed on all projects, prior to work commencing.

For all safe digging projects across Cairns and North Queensland, contact Digsafe NQ on phone (07) 4054 6511 or email


We’re pleased to provide an easy online job request form for our hydrovac excavation services.

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